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Personnel Folders 1.0

Personnel Folders manages employee information and time off schedules
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Personnel Folders manages employee information and time off schedules and benefits. This software is designed for human resource or office managers. It provides a central place to store all employee related information.
This includes vacation schedules, sick days, personal time off, out-of-office schedules, holidays, and other events. Multiple calendar views provide a variety of ways to display and organize the schedule information.
The software also tracks employee information including addresses/phone numbers, emergency contacts, employee notes, and work status. Time off benefits accrued and used can also be tracked.
Main features:
-Keep track of employee time off schedules such as:
-Vacation Schedules
-Sick Days
-Personal Time Off
-Out of office Schedules
-Paid and unpaid time off
-Keep track of other types of employee information such as:
-Phone Numbers
-Emergency/Family/Miscellaneous Contacts
-Employee Notes
-Special Days (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)
-Time off benefits accrued/used
-Work status (salary, job position, manager, etc.)
-Multiple calendar views to display schedule information:
-Day view
-Week view
-Month view
-Year view
-Grid view
-Customizable groupings to organize employees based on:
-Job Position
-Any other custom defined group
-Manage an unlimited number of employees,
-Modern, customizable user interface for easy use and quick learning,
-Customizable settings to fit individual business needs,
-Setup wizards for quick and easy installation,
-FREE e-mail technical support,

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